Looking to get a 7950

Not really looking to spend over $350.
Whats the best one for the price?

There is this with a 6% discount that's $20 off, any good?
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  1. I'd consider the Sapphire or XFX linked below:


    The non-reference cooler should help keep the card cooler and quieter vs reference cooler.
  2. I picked up the HIS IceQ 7950 for $289, OC to 1000Mhz/1350Mhz without any issues at all. Card stays under 60ºC regardless of load. DO IT.

    Just as a side note, I should say that I did a lot of research for this card and through several different forums (including TH) found that the HIS IceQ Turbo was rated the highest. The only difference between the Turbo/non-Turbo model is that the factory sets an OC to 900Mhz/1250Mhz and is $30 more expensive. Good luck!

    Edit: Also, this card is enormous. It barely fits in my Antec 300 Illusion.
  3. Sapphire 7950

    This is the one that I bought for the reason that I knew I wasn't going to over clock for a while and wanted a cooler running card. While gaming at full load I see it at 62c and having a liquid cooled cpu, I was also looking for a quieter running fans. This I've manually set them up to 100%, to see how loud they were, and it was barely louder than my fans cooling my radiators.

    My only issue though with this is that it is built on a 7970 pcb which isn't bad but it makes it a long card and the power is a 6pin and an 8pin power connectors...which translate to a higher ending over clock the gpu.

    so the extra $30.00 gets you 150mhz on the card guaranteed.
  4. This Gigabyte Windforce 3 is on sale at Amazon right now for $309 after $20 rebate
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