Computer wont turn on unless I unplug it

Hey guys, Im having an issue with a newly built pc. After being turned out for a little while( about 15mins or more) my computer wont boot back up unless I unplug it and wait about 30 seconds. When I try to turn it on it goes on for about 30 seconds before it keeps power cycling but nothing will show up on my screen during that time. I tried a new power supply and seems to be the same. The computer will be fine in sleep mode for days at a time and will wake right up with no issues. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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  1. Open the system up and make sure all heatsinks are making proper contact and no conections are loose. You can also try resetting CMOS by taking out the small battery on the board for a few second and then putting it back it again.
  2. You need to specify your PC specs. It could be that the PSU is inefficient for a recent hardware replacement (like a better video card).

    Usually, when your PC is put to sleep (sleep mode or hibernation) the last session is held in virtual space and any disruption can actually damage the hard drive as well as the operating system.

    Sleep mode or hibernation is really for laptops but can be used for desktops but is only as a standby mode if you are away from the Pc for more than 20 minutes or less than 5 hours. Using those modes for more than 6 hours or overnight or days (!) can have detrimental effects especially if the last sesion included many programs already opened like Office, web browser, music player or a movie. All that data is held in temporary storage allowing the user to wake it and continue without having to open each app again however, that pressure of the hdd can cause a complete disk failuire if too many apps were opened prior to sleep or if there was a power outage in which case, the session would have been lost and severe fragmentation or hdd damge would have occurred.

    What was the output power of the old PSu and what output wattage of the new PSU?
  3. Even though you replaced the PSU and had the same problem, I think it could still be the PSU. Try to test the PSU in a different working system.
  4. Thanks for the tips, sorry its taken awhile to respond been to busy to do much. As far as more specifications its an intel core i7-3770k, with intel motherboard DZ77GAL-70K, nvidia gtx 560ti, two hard drives one solid state, all in a cm storm case. Both power supplys are 850w so its more than enough power.
  5. Hi, Not sure if you resolved your issue, just thought I'd add something that might help -
    Memory types - Dual DDR3-2400/1600/1333 O.C.

    If you have already resolved your issue, could you add a comment as to how it was solved? It's always good to see solutions to problems. :)
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