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I just got a refurbished generic 40 gig hard drive (It looks like a rebadged Quantum). I'm running Windows XP, and enabled dma in device manager, but the drive still won't run with DMA (Says it's using PIO in device manager). The BIOS detects it as a UDMA/100 drive, and my other hard drive (20 GB 7200 Seagate) works fine with DMA. I can really notice the performance hit; HDtach reports that I'm only getting and avg. read speed of 2 mb/sec and 18 ms seek. My 20 gig gets 26 mb/sec read and 12 ms seek. If I can't get this working, I'm going to have to return the drive. Please someone help!
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  1. Well, this may help as XP really is Win2k. In Win2K one had to install SP2 to get certain HDD's running in DMA. There may be something like that for XP.

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  2. I would think that XP should include all updates to windows 2k as it is a new OS. I know there are no updates to XP yet at least, as I have checked. I don't see why they would have an update for something that is only now coming out. If anyone does know of any updates or fixes, though, please let me know. Thanks.
  3. this might sound really dumb, but have you switched out the cable?

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