Every file i download is corrupt from internet and from LAN.

Hey guys been having a problem recently that whenever i download a file from the internet or try to copy a file over from other computers in the house over the network they are always corrupt. Doesn't matter what type of file or program. I have recently changed mother boards and re-installed windows 7 64 bit and this problem began. 2 other people use the network at my house and have no problems downloading files so it rules out the router or ISP. I was thinking possibly the Network adaptor built into mother board could be causing the problem? The only way around it at this point is for me to download files on another computer, then transfer to a USB hard drive, then onto my computer and it sucks ass. Any help would be great! Cheers.

System specs are:-

Windows 7 64bit
Core 2 Q9400 quad 2.66ghz
EVGA nforce 750i SLI motherboard
2 x nvidia GTX560 OC in SLI
4gb DDR2 ram
Sound-blaster X-Fi Fatality sound card
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  1. Thing to try, I am assuming you are using wired network

    1)Delete and reinstall NIC Drivers
    2)Change Cat5 Cable for new one
    3)Unplug your computer from the router/switch and one that does work and swap them round see if the problem is still there
    4)Bios update if any available

    If 1, 2, 3 and 4 don’t fix it send back motherboard.

    If you have one try a PCI NIC card see if it works
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