CPU cooler compatible with motherboard?

Hey guys,

Just to ask a quick question. I am planning on buying a CPU cooler as I feel I'm now competent enough to maybe start trying to overclock my computer.

I have decided to buy a fan cooler for now as I don't have enough money currently to fit water-cooling in my system.

Basically what I'm wondering is if the fan I've chosen is compatible with my motherboard 'cause I can't be bothered getting it then finding out it won't fit.

The cooler I've chosen is the Be Quiet Shadow Rock Topflow SR1 http://www.overclock.co.uk/product/Be-Quiet-Shadow-Rock-Topflow-SR1-CPU-Cooler-AMD-AM3--AM2--FM1--Intel-1366--1155--1156--775_43651.html

I have an AMD FX-8150 and a Zalman Z11 Plus High Performance case...

Thanks for reading and in advice for your answers!

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  1. Yes it will fit fine. The heatsink specs say that it will accommodate AM3+ socket which is what you have
  2. But take some measurements to be sure it doesn't interfere with your memory sticks or chipset heat syncs (if they exist).
  3. This CANADIAN link is well sorted with reviews to help you decide:

    1) ensure the FAN can be speed controlled by your motherboard. Your motherboard will either support 3-pin via VOLTAGE, or 4-pin via PWM. (a 3-pin can fit in a 4-pin but you can't control the speed).

    So look at your motherboard manual. There will be BIOS settings related to fan speed control as well as a software application for the motherboard (support site).

    2) RAM heatsink clearance as mentioned.

    3) Google REVIEWS.
  4. Regarding RAM heat spreader clearance - I solved this issue with my Corsair Vengeance tall RAM by disc grinding off about 2mm of material from the lower portion of the fan on my heatsink; Hyper 212 EVO.
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