Terrible performance in ARMA 2 680 sli


3820k @ 4.4ghz 10 hour prime stable.
680 sli (60hz monitor soon to be 120hz in a couple of weeks)
Sabertooth ASUS X79
8gb Corsair vengeance RAM 1600 9-9-9-24
1200w ATX Corsair PSU
Noctua DH14 (Temps never reach about 55c max load)

Now I know the drivers have been a shambles recently with the vsync stutter bug in 304 WHQL so I moved to 304.48 beta drivers. The 59fps fluctuation is still there but I can't notice it now in most games (IE Max Payne 3 or BF3) but I tried running Arma 2 and I get this.....


max FPS 40... I also get low GPU usage in BF3 but that's understandable thanks to the latest June patch that screwed everything up I get dips of 49 fps in Gulf of Oman in BF3 but I can live with that I suppose after paying £800 for two GPU's.... Yes I know I need a 120hz monitor but you'll have to give me a few days for that, even so these two cards should have no problem running these games. Arma 2 is CPU bound I've heard (Disabled Hyperthreading btw so BF3 can work).

Oh and it's not a bottleneck because I get 99% gpu usage on both GPU's in shogun 2.


BTW in the screenshot Vsync is on and ARMA 2 is on max settings with the video memory set to default. View distance is 3600.
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  1. all i know is one of the reasons why its hurting arma 2 a bit is that its a poorly hardware optimized game coding wise at extreme resolutions.
  2. Could never run that game maxed, even with my previous 6970 CFX setup....Same performance issue, round about the same FPS I changed the settings in game and at best it made about a 2-5 fps difference, hopefully it's just the game the resolution is running at 1920x1080 btw.
  3. Try disabling one of your cards and check how it plays. I heard Arma 2 is very poorly coded for SLI...
  4. Well same FPS with slightly higher GPU usage. Arma 2, most horribly optimized game ever made...shame, I used to like operation flashpoint as a kid.
  5. try this in the target on your short cut add
    -nosplash -cpuCount=4 -exThreads=7 -maxMem=2047 -maxVRAM=4096 -skipIntro -winxp -world=empty
    This will gain most people about 10-20 FPS
    Good luck :D
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