HD5570 Questions

I want to buy a new video card and I am a bit low on money.
I stoped on the Radeon HD5570 because of the low price.

So... questions:

1. Is this card better then the GT430 from Nvidia?
2. Will it be able to run Skyrim on high setup?
3. Will it work on my "old" system?
**Pentium 4 631
**ASRock G31M-S R2.0
**"No Name" 400W PSU

4. Can you tell me other card that will fit my price range: 50-60 Euros?

Thank You!
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  1. 1. yes, both the gddr3 and gddr5 version is better
    2. depends on resolution
    3. probably assuming the psu isn't the oldest thing or the worst thing in existence
    4. don't know what pc site to use due to not knowing country. i think you may find a ddr3 6670 slightly past the 60 euro barrier maybe.
  2. 1. Yes
    2. With low resolution, and no AF/AA, you might be able to do high, but I would put it on mid
    3. Should work
  3. Oh Well... that PSU is a "Made in China" thing and its about 5 years old ... and I am from Romania...
  4. do you happen to have a romanian online store i can use for reference?
  5. Well... You can try

    EMag.ro or PCGarage.ro
  6. If the conversion tool i used was right, yes, in that price range, the best cards you can get are the ddr3 1gb 5570 or the ddr3 1gb 6570
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