Help a newbie out, be gentle!

So I'm totally new to PC building, I got things up and running smoothely enough considering it was my first time doing this. Here are my specs:

Intel i5 2500k @ 3.3GHZ
GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H-B3 motherboard
16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM (4x4)
Radeon HD 7950 GIGABYTE Edition
Corsair 750W PSU
Sony DVD R/W Drive

So, the problem. I installed Windows 7 (64 bit) and got to the screen of where to install it, tried to select the hard drive but it said that it would fail soon and couldn't install it there, however a different partition didn't say this problem (pretty odd I thought) So installed it there.

Took a long time to install but when it did Windows was pretty unstable, programs slow loading up, stopped responding frequently, alerts that the hard drive would fail soon. So I tried resetting connectors, grounding myself to avoid static shocks damaging my stuff and tried again, with a fresh install.

After a long time of trying I finally got there and things were running beautifully, fast and responsive, no problems. Installed the drivers for the motherboard, windows updated and restarted my PC for them to take effect. Now this is where the problem is ; (other than the HDD issues) the sytem gets to the "Starting Windows" screen and just hangs there and has been stuck there every time I've tried to restart. (I retried installing Windows 7 again from disk a couple of times and the same thing happened)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm totally lost on where to go from here, I will answer any questions you need to know and if I've made any silly errors please take pity as I'm a total amateur at this kind of thing. Thanks!
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  1. Bumping for some much needed help :(
  2. you should run a hard drive diagnostic utility to see if the drive if failing. WD has one called data lifeguard, (I think that's the name). You'll need to create a bootable CD from the iso since you can't get into windows. Alternatively, you could connect the HDD to a working computer and run the diagnostic from windows.
  3. Thanks for the help. How do I create a bootable CD from the ISO?
  4. Use Daemon tools lite on another PC to burn the .iso file to the disc.
  5. in windows 7 you can just click on the downloaded iso and burn it to a disk.
  6. Does windows allow you to create a disk image? You cant simply place the file on the disk, it has to be burnt as a disk image to the CD, otherwise it's just an unopenable .iso.
  7. you can burn an iso in windows 7 natively without any other software. It's a new thing, I didn't know about it for a while.
  8. Ahh cool cool, I was going to say it must be relatively new! Still love Daemon tools though :).
  9. yeah, programs like daemon tools and poweriso are still much better. figured the native burning would make things a little easier as it's pretty much automatic.
  10. Agreed, Daemon tools has always been the old stand-by.
  11. Thanks for all the help, guys. Pretty sure it was the HDD was the problem, luckily i had another spare from an old PC. Formatted it, installed Windows 7, all running fine. Installed motherboard drivers, Windows updated all well and good. Restarted my PC as prompted and now Startup Repair says my computer was unable to start and is now searching for problems :\ I don't understand why since when installing the hard drive said it was all well and good to install. :(
  12. Still not working? You can try a different SATA port, if you're using SATA3 try a SATA2 port or vice versa. Also, you might want to check for bios updates for your motherboard, and updated drivers as well. You'll have to get them from the gigabyte website as MS most likely won't have the most recent ones.
  13. Right now it's performing a DSKCHK (or CHKDSK? whichever it is) and gets stuck. I have the worst luck with this thing! I've tried switching ports and it made no change, installed driver updates from Gigabyte. Will try updating the motherboard BIOS when it's finished what it doing (if it finishes) The help is much appreciated guys, wish one of you could just come wave your magic geeky wands at it and make it work fine! xD
  14. could be that the old drive you just put in is also messed up, let checkdisk run. sometimes a problem with the ram can mimic an HDD problem, you can try running with only one module installed (trying different ones individually) to see if the problems clear up.
  15. Could well be the drive, if checkdisk shows no problems I'll give the RAM suggestion a try. :)
  16. Checkdisk was running overnight and in the morning... My PC worked! Restarted it a few times what with updates and such and it's working perfectly fine :) Still saying there's a problem with the new HDD I was having problems with in the first place but the one I'm actually using is perfectly fine. Thanks for all your help guys!
  17. That's good, there might've just been something minor wrong with the old drive. Exchange that screwed up new one; the WD blues are usually fairly reliable, in my experience, so I'd be very surprised if they gave you a bad one twice in a row. If you continue to have problems in the future, start a new thread and list everything you've done. New threads tend to get more attention.
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