Temperature Monitors?

Are there any good temp monitors that aren't fan controllers, that are LCD Displays, and that monitor CPU, GPU, and overall temp?
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  1. Using 5.25" fan controller with no fans installed, can you affix the temperature probes near the areas you specify? I cannot think of any that don't involve fans and fan control.
  2. There only ones that are not fan controllers are ones like this with character displays.
  3. interesting
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    I'm currently using HWINFO64 parred with a rivatuner server. You can monitor anything in your PC using HWINFO64, also you can pick out what components you would like to monitor on your display with the rivatuner server. Frequencies, temperatures, usage - Anything.

    Here is a tutorial on how to get it working:
  5. Have yoiu tried utilities like CPU-Z HWMonitor, Realtemp, Core temp, EVGA Precision and the tools that come on the driver disc for your motherboard.
  6. all the above are good.
  7. Thanks
  8. anytime bro
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