7970m Heaven DX11 Benchmark 3.0

I was wondering if anyone had ran a 7970m benchmark using heaven? My friend ran his dual GTX 675m and scored 866. I ran the heaven benchmark using my dual 7970m and scored 535. The rest of our system specs are exactly the same. I was wondering if this benchmark is just something that the 7970m does not perform well in, or is there a problem with my card. I was told the 7970m was faster than 675m in basically every test.
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  1. Heaven isn't the best way to judge your graphic card's performance,run some real game benchmarks.
    And yes 7970M is faster but Nvidia drivers for notebooks(especially the SLI ones)are more optimized
  2. 1 7970m should be close to 2 675m's performance in just about anything.

    something isn't working right for you.
  3. I scored high on 3dmark11 so does anyone know why I ran so poorly on heaven?
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