Hi guys, I am pretty new to building my cpu and maintaining it. I am getting paranoid that I did something wrong and my CPU is actually gonna screw up... I recently asked lots of sites for advice and I got my new rig with an amd FX 8350 + HD7950 . Moving on I adjusted jumpers.. did everything correctly and got the computer to start(thank god) there is no beeps when it starts and everything seems good just one question though..

I am used to very quiet cpus(my laptop makes no noise at all) but I have the stock cooler with the amd fx 8350. Now in Bios whenever its loaded I start the computer and check Hardware temperatures and the temp when just starting the computer is fluctuating between 40-55 C however when I check to see if its hot its actually not.. my motherboard is at 44C max even when I quickly check after a restart from heavy gaming...

Is there something wrong? are all amd cpus these days running at 40-50C? and the fan sounds like a lawn mower its always at 5000-6400 RPM

There were a couple of hangs but I increased the voltage from the rate it was on AUTO by 1 option higher and it seems fine now.

Please help guys! I don't want my first rig to die :|
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  1. get online download CPUID HW Monitor to check your temps if they are high your thermal paste may need to be redone
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