First time using multi monitors

I'm just dipping a toe into multi-monitor use and have some questions.

I have a 24 inch, and a 17 inch monitor at the moment (have another 17 and 19 to use if need be later) I have a 5870 ATI card. I have both monitors plugged into the video card.

I've noticed when I extend the desktop to both screens I have some "flickering" on the second 17 inch monitor. Almost like its trying to adjust itself to something automatically. It only flickers when I scroll the mouse wheel up and down a page or move a window around, etc. Seems to happen when one screen has a browser at full screen and something might be leaking over to the other screen, not sure if I can explain it better than that.

When I create an eyefinity group even though the monitors are different I see no flickering at all, all is well.

Just wondering if this is some setting on the smaller monitor I need to look into? Its a Dell 1704FPV.

ALSO, I am assuming this videocard with two monitors on it may take a performance hit if I use it while gaming? For example have the 24 inch be the gamer monitor and have the 17 inch showing the desktop with a browser window, or teamspeak on it?
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  1. Also, I'm looking through my parts here and I have some older video cards I may look into adding one just for the second monitor on the desktop. Thoughts?
  2. it should just be the video driver, not sure your os so here are a couple links to update it to the latest.

    windows 7 32 bit

    windows 7 64 bit

    windows xp 32 bit

    what resolution are you setting the 17" to ?

    support page for the monitor Your Monitor
  3. Is the flickering monitor connected via VGA? Does it still flicker if it's the only monitor connected?

    I'd try swapping the VGA connector first, then the monitor.
  4. The resolution is 1280x1024 and it does not flicker on its own. It does not flicker when I use it in an eyefinity group. Only has that flicker when I have it set to extend desktop.

    Maybe the wire? I have it coming out the VGA port on the pack of the 17inch to a converter that goes from VGA port to DVI port then into the video card's DVI port.
  5. I can try the driver later, Ive now swapped out power wires, and where I plugged it in, and also connected a DVI cable now to the DVI port on the card, same effect.

    The flickering isnt constant, and its not a full screen flicker, its more so sort of a line at different parts of the second monitor depending on whats going on, on the first monitor.

    One thing it does not like is if theres one of those small movies that are adds or promos on screen one, if I have that displayed on screen one, it flickers badly on screen 2, like a mirror attempt of something odd like that. Hmmm...
  6. check the cable, look at the pins. are any of them bent?
  7. Ok, I spent some time reading another forum about this, apparently this is a REALLY big problem for lots of people, you can read the thread if you want but I read the whole thing and only one lasting solution was found...
    techguy2011 said:
    Ok LISTEN UP! I found the solution while scouring the internet yesterday after I decided I am either finding a solution today!... or returning the cards...

    Here it is. Ready?

    Go to and download Driver Sweeper.

    Go to the AMD website and download the old 11.8 AMD CCC (Catalyst Control Center). The WHOLE Suite and the coinciding application profiles.

    Uninstall your current application profiles and restart your pc.

    Uninstall Your current AMD CCC and all video drivers and restart.

    Install driver sweeper and remove the remaining AMD video drivers and restart.

    Install AMD CCC 11.8 and the coinciding application profiles and you should be fixed.

    My personal diagnosis, it's your drivers dude... if I were you, I'd try updating to the latest, I know that's not the solution they posted, but that WAS back in January, AMD may have fixed it... in general it's allot better to go forward than back... if that doesn't work, I'd do what the guy says and roll back to the old CCC

    Hope this helps

    I turned off overdrive, and the flickering stopped.

    Wonder if I'll miss it!?
  9. suuuuuper weird... so it only flickers when you're NOT using eyefinity (for gaming)... that's all bonkers... one would think if overclocking was the problem, gaming would only make it worse, not better...

    You might try some other overclocker like MSI afterburner or Sapphire TRIXX... Just a suggestion
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