Will this fit?


First of all sorry for my english I am dutch.
I have a acer veriton 7800 case,
And I am planning on upgrading my motherboard and cpu and my memory.
I am thinking about the 760GM-P23 (FX) as a motherboard.
And the AMD FX-6100 as the processor.
But I dont know of the motherboard will fit in the case.


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  1. Ok sorry most likely no its an integrated solution designed to cool a core 2 duo or equivelent.So most likely you will need a new case but if you are experianced you may get it to shoehorn in there providing the new board is standard atx or smaller and not an eatx or larger board... and you will prob need bigger psu aswell..
  2. I would advise new case more airflow!!!
  3. my psu is the:
    be quiet straight power dual rail 500W
    i thought that would be able to handle it cause some sites said it will be.
    even with my gtx 560 ti hawk.
  4. Ya that would prob handle it then .. being an off the shelf i assumed it would have a SMall psu..
  5. but do i still need a new case cause then i am going to wait a bit and buy a new case.
  6. my old motherboard is a Acer G945MK if that would help
  7. OK ive not been able to find any specs size wise on the board with a quick search but like i said if its a standard atx it may fit you will just have to get it and check id say if new board is a matx it will definatly fit .But some integrated cases have specialty conectors if this case has those special conectors then its not gonna work it may fit just not hook up to the power switch and stuff
  8. so a micro ATX will not fit and rignt now i am looking at http://www.alternate.nl/html/product/Aerocool/Strike-X_Advance_Devil_Red/945690/
    sorry if the site is dutch but u get what i mean i hope
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