Radeon 6850 + 3 ST2220L Monitors


I've got a Radeon 6850, and recently just ordered 3x ST2220L monitors.

Apparently I need an active (dual or single?) link DisplayPort adapter. I'm kind of confused though, and could use some help with figuring out which one, as there seems to be a lot. There's also the issue of male/female?

Any help would be appreciated if someone can point me in the right direction.
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    an active display adapter turns a mini display port into a dvi port. you then use the dvi cord to connect it to your 3rd monitor. If you want to avoid this change, you would need a monitor that has innate mini display port connection on it, but those tend to cost more.

    this will be the example for normal display ports

    example for mini display ports
  2. squadz said:

    if your video card has a normal display port, then yes, it will work for the 3rd screen
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