Gaming pc pre-build advice required

Hi,new to the forum but was told this was where the experts are so i am.

Ok ,so the time has come to make the plunge into a new pc in the next month.

So what im after is a very fast pc without going OTT ,i dont want a mac and am not interested in water cooling ,sli (because the cost of two cards) and 3d and all that and all it will be used for is gaming pure and simple.

I use a usb headset and speaker system so not sure if i really need a built in sound card.

I will be using my 22inch Samsung monitor (syncmaster 2232bw) its not the newest around but still works great so seems a shame to get rid ,so basically this is just for the tower.

I would like to stick to nvida and intel ,nothing more then i just prefer them over others.

I currently have 3.2 duel core , 4gb ocz reaper ram on vista (yea i know :/) with a 3800ati card (hopefully going to upgrade this and give it to my daughter but more about that later)

Been using scan as a build reference .....I know that a home build would be cheaper , have been to many sites that do custom builds and scan seemed to be the best (tried dell) but just would like a pc done and dusted just to plug together with a warranty for the build.

Clocking or no clocking? scan do this service for free and i understand this can be fatal if done wrong .....thing is this ....if you have a very fast pc is it worth over clocking? is this going to reduce the life of the things being over clocked and thus not a good idea if you want to get the life out of the over clocked items?

So here is the build i am liking ..

Case + fans

Cooler Master HAF X Black Tower Gaming Performance Case No PSU (£129.53)

Cooler Master Mega-Flow 200mm Red Case Fan (£10.54)

Cooler Master SickleFLow Red LED Quiet Case Fan 120mm (£5.69)


Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H, Intel Z77 Chipset (£66.77)


Intel Core i5 3570K, Ivy Bridge, 3.4GHz, Quad Core, 6MB Cache (£148.15)

was told ^^ for what i want this would be better then Intel Core i7 3770K, Ivy Bridge, 3.5GHz, Quad Core + Hyperthreading, 8MB Cache ,i didnt know for the extra £50 pounds if it was worth the investment to pre-long the pc as a wholes life and try to future proof it more.

Overclocking - CPU

No Overclock (£0.00) add £0.00
Optimized Overclock - 4.4Ghz - Within wider safety margins for balanced thermal & acoustic characteristics. (£0.00) add £0.00
Extreme Overclock - 4.6Ghz - Tuned to absolute safe maximum - Performance prioritised over acoustics. (£0.00)

(Unsure what im going to choose)

CPU Coolers

Thermalright Macho Performance CPU Cooler (£31.68)

Memory - DDR3

16GB (4x4GB) Corsair Vengeance LP, DDR3, 1600Mhz (£49.12)

NVIDIA Graphics

2GB EVGA GTX 670, 915MHz GPU, 1344 Cores, 6008MHz GDDR5 (£254.67)

Power Supply Unit

600W Corsair Gaming Series, 80PLUS Bronze (Single Graphics Card) (£44.50) subtract £20.15

Braided Power Supply Cables

Not Required. (£0.00)

Solid State Drives

240GB Corsair Force 3, Read 550MB/sec, Write 520MB/sec - SF-2281 (£98.98)

System Drives

2TB Seagate Barracuda, SATA 6Gb/s, 7200rpm, 64MB Cache (£59.51)

Storage Hard drives

*Storage Hard Drive Not Required* (£0.00)

Optical Drive 1

Pioneer DVR-S19LBK DVD Writer (£14.17)

Optical Drive 2

*DVD Writer Not Required* (£0.00)

Sound Card

*Sound card Not Required*

Internal / External (USB) Wireless Adaptor

*Wireless Adaptor Not Required* (£0.00)

Lighting Effects

*Lighting Effects Not Required* (£0.00)

Operating system

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit - OEM (£89.07)

Software - Acronis True Image 2012 complete back-up software.

A hidden partition is created & a complete system image is produced. Giving you the option to reset it back to factory defaults should you need to. The software also lets you create scheduled backups. (£18.98)

Delivery & Setup Options

3XS System Delivery & Setup - Same as above plus all protective packaging removed from within the system, keyboard, mouse and monitor connected and powered on to the desktop. (£35.00) (Scan is based in the Uk as well as myself)

Total £1,344.23

So thats the build

The base model that i had to choose the items above from is this ,so you can see what options i had to choose from.

Ok, lastly the pc im on now (about 5 years old ) i was going to get a extra 4gb of reaper ram (8gb in total) (can get it for about £30) and upgrade the gcard maybe to a NVIDIA GTX 460 or something similar (obviously depending on the card being the same 'fit' or compatible.) for about £100.

Hope everything is clear and sorry if i have forgot something,

thanks in advance.

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  1. are NOT wanting to build this system yourself? You really can save some money and have some fun while doing it. I myself have never used a prebuilt for a desktop, so I have no frame of reference for it.

    Now I know you listed a lot of hardware on the different PCs your considering, is there one build you are leaning towards more than the others? You have three cases listed.

    It all does look very nice, the GPU is going to be amazing, so great job there! The CPU is also good, really you don't need the other i7 unless you are going to do some insane OCing or really want it. When I built mine, I opted to go for the 2600K (yes, its a bit older) just so I could overclock it a lot and it would be more future proof. So far its been good for me, but it might not be for you...

    The only thing that gets me about this build is the price. You really could go with a lower price building it yourself. I stress that because I believe it is important to know your computer inside and out so you can fix it inside and out when the time comes (I'm not much for taking my anything to repair shops). And it will be a question of when and not if. It will break, be it your doing or some(one)thing else's. Anyway, that's just me and you can do whatever you want, I really don't have any say in how you want to spend your money.

    So, you have my go ahead, if you like it, to purchase this build. It should work for you and be a great upgrade from what you are using now. Also, what plans did you have for your old (existing) PC once you get this new one? HTPC or some such or just and extra PC to have for gaming/fun?

    Hope that helps/makes sense. Best of luck to you!
  2. Hi and thanks for the reply,yea alot of people have said to build it myself.Like i said before just wanted the piece of mind of having everything fitting ok and the 1st year warranty,apart from that the prices of the parts on the website i was using seemed cheaper then i could find online.

    I choose the full case so that if i did need to do anything in the future it would be better to get my sausage fingers in lol ,and there is only 1 case on the list ....the other 2 items are just the extra fans for full airflow.

    I looked at the bench marks for gpus and the gtx670 is a close second to the gtx680 apparently so very happy with that the possibility of getting that card in the build.

    I understand that some people are saying a top range i5 could be better then a mid range i7 and again that games rarely use 2 cores let along the 3rd or 4th,but if thats true why get a top range i5 and not a top duel core?been doing some digging and although apparent to some people found out some useful things

    The i5 3570k@3.4GHz per core + 6MB Cache (considered very good apparently) is bench marked at 72 ,where the i7 3770k@3.5GHz per core + 8MB Cache is bench marked at 19,know i know its only a increase of .1GHz but with the over all rating im assuming its got 1 or more of the following, less power consumption,faster overclocking speed,or lower heat output ,bigger Cache (thats all i can think of) but basically a better all round cpu.

    I dont think i will be overclocking the cpu JUST YET (unless people can advice other wise) but its something i can do in the future if i feel its slowing down with games and future proofing hopefully the rig and cpu for a few more years all for only a extra £50 quid.

    My friend has the 2006k and he totally happy with it, although i dont think he has overclocked it yet,my rig will just be for gaming but like most people dont want to have to spend anything in the next few years and want to make it future proof.

    i know i said i didnt want water cooling but...........just a question.....corsair are doing a sealed unit called h100 ,just wondered how these compare to the fan i selected in the main build,obviously this is just for the cpu as like the air cooled one but just wondered if these were a more safer option for leeks and what not without having to go for a full water cooled system.The corsair h100 is a option i can choose which will be about £20 more then the air cooled fan on my original list.

    The pc i have now has a duel core cpu E8500 i think,4gp of reaper ram (which i intend to upgrade to 8gb,can get another 4gb for about £25) and a ati3800 gpu which i want to upgrade to something like the gtx 460.

    This old rig will be given to my daughter as her 1 (another of my old pcs ) had a hd failer and deemed not worth getting another,apart from that does not play all the games she has due to the gpu being that bad.

    Thanks again for your reply and for your sound advice.
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