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Triple monitor help

Hello, i am running a i5 2500k, AMD 6870, i was able to run two monitors(both 21.5' model S211HL ) off of my gpu, but when I try to enable a third (40' tv) i can only run two monitors and when i try for the third, i get a flickering black screen, i have two adapters, one for the hdmi to mDP, and one for the DVI to mDP(active), any help would be appreciated
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  1. Two choices:



    (lowest risk)
    Purchase a low-end graphics card and don't run 3D applications on the attached monitor.
    (done this before with 2x GTX460's and 1x GT 520 on 4 monitors total; was able to SLI.)
  2. Have you tested the adapters singly connected to make sure both your adapters are working properly? Your hardware configuration should work if your adapters are working properly. Have you tried to detect the third monitor in CCC? Also - on my setup, the third monitor only turns on when the AMD driver loads (when Windows arrives at the login screen).
  3. The only problem arises when i try to run all three monitors at the same time. I was wondering if there was any solutions that may have been found. On some occasions when i do hook up the 3 monitors, the one hooked up via the mDP to DVi doesn't seem responsive, but i can move programs and my mouse to the third screen, and when i do click on it there is a flash on the screen, but there is no response after that.
  4. By adapter I believe he means an external component which converts between connector types. Not graphics adapters.

    I was unable to find information on if the 6870 is even capable of using 3 screens simultaneously.
  5. It is. I think the issue is related to the HDMI.

    What card do you have? How do you have all three screens hooked up?
  6. One 21.5' model S211HL hooked up to the top DVI, one 21.5' model S211HL hooked from to the mDP (active) via adapter, 40'tv via hdmi or mDP adapter, i have an AMD HIS 6870
  7. Shotzo said:
    I was unable to find information on if the 6870 is even capable of using 3 screens simultaneously.

    Technically, every Radeon HD 5000 series and up GPU is capable of eyefinity. But that doesn't mean that every card with one of those GPUs will support it. In Sasquatchreap's case, it does - I'm not aware of any 6870 card that doesn't have a DP port and a couple of other connectors. But if you look at the Radeon 5450, you'll see that most of them don't have a DP connector and therefore can't do more than two monitors. There are a few models of the 5450 that do have a DP port and a couple of others and can do eyefinity (though it wouldn't be worth a hoot for gaming).

    Have you tried a complete removal of your graphics drivers and a reinstall?
  8. Im the process of reinstalling drivers after uninstalling.. will say how it went when they finish
  9. seems that the two smaller monitors are working and the television is not
  10. So one monitor is DVI to DVI. The second monitor is mDP to ??? DVI? And finally the TV is going from mDP to HDMI? If so I agree to double check your adapters. Maybe one isn't active like you think.
  11. Sasquatchreaper said: seems that the two smaller monitors are working and the television is not

    Have you gone into CCC to the "My Digital Flat Panels" tab and looked to see if your TV is listed in the drop-down menu? If it's listed you can try checking (or unchecking) the box for "Enable ITC processing" it probably won't help but is worth a try.

    Also, have you gone to the "AMD Eyefinity Multi-Display" tab and tried to create a display group?

    Are you running Windows XP?
  12. Quote:
    Are you running Windows XP?

    Gah, forgot about that. I bet that's the problem right there.
  13. i am running window 7 ultimate 64bit
  14. Humph. Can you provide links to the mDP adapters you are using? Also, read through all of Hugo's posts in the sticky if you haven't already:
  15. I agree with 4745454b

    I believe the problem lies with HDMI.

    What TV is it?
  16. Thanks all for the input, just switched from an HDMI coming out of my computer to a DVI port, and now enjoying triple monitor goodness :)
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    I wish I could remember about why HDMI doesn't work right. I thought it was with native HDMI (meaning HDMI to DVI/DP) not working but I guess its HDMI being involved at all.
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