Ulabeled IBM type M?

My first computer came with a clicky keyboard with a coily cable that looked identical to an IBM model M (ie, its num/caps/scroll lock lights were styled the same and it had the same layout) except, to my memory at least, it did not have the IBM label on it. My mother threw it out before I could get to it. My fault really for not explaining its value to connoisseurs. I'm now forced to use a later, non-clicky, mechanical keyboard made by Mitsumi in the late 90s, that came with my second computer. Anyways, I miss the original and wonder whether anyone could tell me whether it was indeed an IBM keyboard and if not, who might have made it and where I could find a replacement. Thanks!
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  1. I could get a regular model m off of ebay fairly easily but this would have far greater sentimental value.

    The computer in question was bought in autumn 1994 - spring 1995, or at least that's when I remember it showing up in our house. It might have been earlier than that since it had windows 3.1 on it and I don't remember 95 in use for a while after we got it. I have the hard drive from it downloaded into my current desktop: I'll be able to get a more accurate date from that.
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