Need help getting my cpu temp lowered

ok so im having trouble getting my temp down a bit more, my specs are

AMD Phenom II Black edition
ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0
Geforce 650 Ti (2gb)
500gb HDD
500w PSU
Seidon 120m Liquid cooler (Push pull Configured)
and a couple of fans pulling air into the computer.

My problem is im trying to get the Cpu to run at maybe 70F or even 65F i think that would be around 15 - 20C. because everytime i play maybe AC3 or GTA4 it get warmed up really quick and i keep readjusting my spu cooler and stuff to try to see if i get good airflow and better readings off my cpu cooler but so far my temp sits at 77-80F. and it jumps up to 90 some degrees when i play AC3 or GTA4 ect ect. so yeah some help would be greatly appreciated here's a link to youtube of my computer if anyone wants to get a better view
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  1. 70-90f is outstanding for gaming. I would leave it alone.
  2. excellent temps... if those indeed are in Fahrenheit. :)
    leave it alone.
  3. those temps are fine.
  4. So i should have no need to get panicy if the temp is in Fahrenheit? whew my mother had me scared as hell that my pc was running to hot or warm and i need it cooled more, so yeah if you guys check out my vid of my pc thanks, but its for certain i dont need to worry if it its bewtween 70 - 90, but then what should i do if it pops over 90
  5. whats ur temps in celcius?
  6. well ic celcius they can reach anywhere from around 20 - 35,
  7. thats cool

  8. Don't touch it those temps are perfect.
  9. Thanks guys, really appreciate it =D
  10. ok so i played GTA 4 for about maybe 20min and i quit and did a quick restart of my system and the temp read at 91.7 degrees Fahrenheit , is this still god or should i figure a way to drop the temp a little bit more ?
  11. No. The restart is due to some other issue, such as the video driver. Do a restart with the system warmed up and see what the bios temps are. 91f is very low; you won't burn your finger touching the cpu heatsink; that's a simple test I sometimes use.
  12. 91 ferenheitt is cool. ur fine.
  13. alright guys thanks, for helping me out. now i know my computer runs fine. its always good to make sure especially ifits custom built =D thanks once again =D
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