Help think its broke

Hi Guys

i recently built a pc and found after tests that my Fx-6100 was getting too hot under strain so i bought a new heat sink and fan which was very fiddly to get in place whilst i was doing so i dropped a screw and tried to turn the case upside down without moving the cooler but due to the weight it pulled out my cpu and bent a couple of the pins. I managed to straghten them back in line and put the system back together. Its would turn on but nothing would appear on the screen every fan was running and leds coming on. So i panic. search the internet for advice and found something that told me to check i didnt have too much thermal compund on my chip which i checked removed some of it and put back together hey presto it worked.

However ever since then i have been having random times where the system again will show signs of life but no display or bios. and now it will not come back on no matter what i do i have tried reseating the cpu replacing the compound. Just 1 stick of ram only 1 video card etc but still nothing.

I have tried clearing the cmos via Jumper and the battery but still nothing.

As for beeps when i first put in the mini speaker i got 1 short beep which i found was the ram so i moved them and this time no beeps just power but nothing on screen then i tried again and got the dredded 5 short beeps which i believe is the processor.

after all the above do you think it is the processor that has been damanged and is stopping the boot up. I am currently in the process of replacing the chip but (luckly cos no one likes the FX-6100) i have decided to go for the Phemon x4 black as this seems to have had good reviews.

My only concern is that it wont be the CPU and im going to have the same issues when the new one arrives

I cannot try another CPU as i dont have one

Please Please Please Help me
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  1. I'm fairly confident it is the CPU that is causing the issues, rebending pins puts a lot of strain on them that is not within their design specs. I'm under the belief from what you've described, that replacing the CPU should make your computer happy again.
    For what it's worth.
  2. appriciate the response. I am still unsure as to the replacement though should i be getting just another FX=6100 or should i get the Phemon ii x4 black cos i originally upgraded from a anthlon x4 640 and didnt really notice much difference so im thinking will it be better to just get the Phemon. also i decided that i wanted another MOBO too so i ordered the Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard to replace the Asrock 970 extreme 3. do you think that is a good decision or should i just stick with the one i have
  3. The problem with replacing the motherboard is a new copy of windows (if running windows OEM version other than Win 8) is needed, not so with simply replacing the CPU. If you can find a Phenom II 965 to 980 at a decent price, that may be an option, I don't know that the extra 2 cores of the 6100 really come into play much depending upon your usage which is probably why you didn't see much difference.
  4. Your CPU is broken. Bending the pins is never really a good idea, as C12Friedman said, a new CPU will fix your problem.
    If turning the case upside down though pulled out your CPU, you must not of inserted it correctly.
  5. Well just so everyone can have a good Laugh. After i bought a new Phemon 11 x4 p65 CPU (which i am finding is better) and a new Motherboard i found that it still would display nothing on my screen till i took the monitor off the wall and found that the HDMI was not inserted fully and guess what i pushed it fully in and its working. £170 its cost me not to check the hdmi cable properly :-( that will teach me
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