System won't boot up - no display

So I just got a new case and RAM. I moved the parts from my old case to new and replaced the RAM, and now my computer stays on, but the displays will not turn on or show up with anything. Also, for some reason my graphics card won't fit into the PCIe slot so I just left it out of my case and plugged the dvi cable from my monitor to the port on my motherboard.

System Specs:
Asus P8Z77-V
Intel i7 3770K
Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133MHz 16GB (4x4gb)
Nvidia GTX580
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  1. reset the bios.
  2. Your system is set up to display off the GFX card, but now your GFX card is not in the system. Check the BIOS and make sure that it is set to use the on board GFX instead of the discreet card.
  3. I cant get into my bios because the computer wont boot up properly.
  4. reset your cmos

    yeah... im not sure what it could be... do you have another gpu to test?
  5. ok i reset my cmos, nothing happened.. same thing is happening. Ill try a different GPU now
  6. somethings not plugged in maybe ? what do you have for a junky PS ?
  7. alright somehow it works, I can get to my windows desktop fine. all i need to do is to put my graphics card in but the case blocks it from fitting into the pcie slot.
  8. are you sure your using the pci-e slot? not just the pci slot... also what is the name of your mobo?
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