Power problem ? maybe?

hi there ,recently i tried switching on my pc and the fans started for a fraction of a second then switched off and then nothing happened when i pressed again,so after unplugging and plugging back in everything it worked fine again for a wek or so then i had the same problem ,this time i went at it a bit better and unplugged 1 thing at a time before trying to power up again ,in the end it powered up after i unplugged the fan controller so i thought it must have shorted somehow and plugged the fans directly into the mobo fan headers .This made it fine for about a week again til i got the same problem again and again i unplugged things 1 by 1 untill i found it powered on after i unplugged 1 of the fans which was on the fan controller ,so i figured it must have been the fan all along and i had no problems for about a month till it happened again last night ,this time all i did was switched it on and off at the switch and took the side off and it started working again

basicly the first time you press the power button everything goes to work but dies instantly and pressingthe power button again has no effect at all
the powerlight stays on, on the mobo so it is recieving power

so i wanted to know if anyone knew or had any idea what this might be as i have no idea

asus p67 pro
i5 2500k
sapphire vx 7950
xfx xxx 650w psu (the older one with the green fan)
2x4gb and 2x2gb corsair ddr3 1600
antec 300
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  1. i think that it is the psu
    does that mother board have an epu, it might be unplugged.
  2. the mobo has a epu switch onboard but i dont think it has been turned on . i am pretty sure all the plugs are in properly as i have unplugged them and repluged them several times and surely if anything was unplugged it wouldnt work all the time ,this is very selecttive when it works or not as i was playing d3 most of yesterday and swithched it off for only a few hours before it failed to switch on agaig
  3. maybe its an overheating problem
  4. sounds like a faulty PSU.
  5. i dont think its a heat issue as temps are good usualy and the only thing i have been doing is playing d3 which isnt too intensive for my system

    as for the psu ,i think it could be the psu / somthing causing a short / or problems with the mobo ,i was wondering if there was any way to chck these issues ,esspecialy with the psu as i dont have a psu tester or ampmeter and the problem happens so rarely and randomly that its immpossible to check by trying psu in different pc
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