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I'll looking to buy later today if someone replies or tomorrow if noone does.

and evga gtx 670 for 360$ on
total 1281$

This is my gaming set up the total becomes a bit too much.
Whats a better set up so i can squeezce it below ~1200$ range????
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    You have 2 sets of RAM for a start. That'll save you money.
  2. mikerockett said:
    You have 2 sets of RAM for a start. That'll save you money.

    Lol. :lol:

    @OP; I see no GPU lying about in that list.
  3. my gpu is not listed in the image :)
    thanks mike, -40$ ....need another 40$ off :D
  4. Couple of notes:

    1. If you have access to a Microcenter you can pick up a CPU & Mobo combo for just under $300. Save $60, but you'll have to go to the store to pick up.
    2. ASRock Z75 will save you another $50 ... also has great newegg reviews
    3. Internet shopping as Amazon, newegg, mircrocenter, tigerdirect may also save a buck or two ... esp in the shipping

    Good luck !!
  5. Are you buying a new GPU or using an older one? Also do you have a budget?
  6. EVGA cards are overpriced for what they are. Reference coolers? lol. Get the MSI GTX670 Power Edition. Over volting for OCing, awesome cooler, and it removes dust. (It runs the fans backwards for 30 secs to remove dust from the card)
  7. thanks for the advice for the asrock z75 but the z77 extreme has free memory 40$ worth so only 10$ difference if i were to buy it separately

    wish there's microcenter nearby so much discount from what i have seen.


    am buying a new one , you might have missed because it is not listed in the image. buying the evga gtx 670 for 360$
    my total buget is ~1200$

    o...@nw333 isnt that more expensive than the evga?? and evga has better name to itself?\

    I'll be buying in the 30minutes, any other comments are welcomed.
  8. It is only more expensive by $40, and the value is unbeatable. EVGA have good name, yes. That doesnt mean they have the best products. MSI is also a well-known brand when it comes to GPUs, so dont worry.
  9. You should also invest in a good monitor.
    I reccomend this one
    I know it's more expensive but it is a LOT better.
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