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Is there a way to copy the contents (usually just text) from Adobe .pdf files? A pal ended up having to copy & paste 250 pages of a document he wanted to edit and print in MS word.

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  1. The subject lets me assume that you friend has not only Acrobat reader but the full software package. If so then it should be no problem to edit the document. If the document was not created by him but by someone else then the document might be secured by password. Check File-Document Info-Security! If it is secured then maybe a cracking tool can be found on the internet. But then your friend is quite likely to come in conflict with copyright. :-)

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  2. Its fixed!

    His version happened to be Acrobat 3.0, which only allows copying and pasting a single page at a time.

    Since then, he has availed himself of Acrobat 5.0, which allows a "select all" of the entire document in a single copy and paste.

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