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I tried to install a 256MB PC133 SDRAM DIMM in my mother board. The board is an ASUS K7 KX133 board, it has 3 DIMMs, each supports upto 512MB PC 133 SDRAM. The problem was that the memory didn't fit in very well, I had to press more than I wanted to, and it was a bear overall to get in. When I did get it in and snapped it into place, I started the computer and it didn't recognize the new memory. I was grounded the whole time I handled the memory. My question is, is the memory bad? Does anyone have a brand of memory they recommend as being the most problem free? Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Pull it out and try again, even in a different slot.

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  2. Make sure there's no dust or small particles in the slot. Use a can of compressed air and blow into it.
    The most economical and problem-free overall RAM in my experience would be Crucial's.

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