Router drops & remote access failures

Hi all! I have been having persistent problems in my home network. I made a custom-built V1 Windows Home Server that I really would like to be able to remote access. I have tried the Netgear 3700, but it did not allow remote access. A D-Link DIR-825 does, but it, and many D-Link products, have a persistent problem of requiring a reset due to dropped connections. I have had 2 of the DIR-825's drop connections. I have been told that their QoS components cannot handle the load on them and fail, causing the drops, but I cannot corroborate that.

Perhaps what I need is a router that allows "NAT loopback"? This way I can see the WHS Console verify that I can access the server from outside my network. I have tried to do so with the above routers via a 3G connection on my iPhone 4 and all except the D-Link failed to allow access to my WHS.

I should add that I am using a D-Link DSL-520B modem on ATT DSL. It is a 6MB connection from the ISP. Previously the modem was in "bridge mode" on the D-Link router. Also, contacting ATT I was told they do not block any ports.

I have tried forwarding the proper ports (80, 443, 4125) for the WHS, but that has not given me remote access. I did get them by enabling UPnP on the D-Link. Is all this an issue of needing the modem on "bridge mode" in order to work properly?

Can anyone recommend a router for my needs that allows remote access (NAT loopback needed?) and also has a solid connection? Gigabit ethernet is a must have too. Otherwise I am open to options. Ideally I would like a combined router/modem unit to make things a little easier.

I would appreciate your input. Thanks!
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  1. I'm a little confused about what you are trying to do. Do you want to remotely access your router or your WHS? And what are you trying to do remotely - use remote desktop on the WHS?
  2. I am trying to access my WHS remotely. I want to be able to access any of the files on the WHS as if I were in my home.
  3. I ended up getting the Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H. It is a DD-WRT dual band router. It gives me remote access and has had no disconnects so far. I would advise anyone thinking of getting a D-Link router NOT to do it! Get this Buffalo router instead and save yourself many hours of ineffectual troubleshooting!
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