Need a new build - $1000 budget

I've been out of the PC building scene for quite awhile and I'm not sure what's going on these days. It's time for me to upgrade and I'd like some pros to take a stab at this for me.

I will be running dual monitors. Already have a HP 2509m and would prefer another 25" monitor with similar dimensions so that things line up well. I want a SSD for my main drive (Assuming that's a good move for performance reasons). Case should be capable of holding at least 3 hard drives, preferably more. Need a DVD-RW drive (Blu-ray not required).

This machine will be used for development (PHP and Python). I want it to be FAST. I'm tired of waiting on my IDE to load and for Photoshop to load my fonts.

No preference on Intel or AMD, nor on video card manufacturer, motherboard, RAM, or power supply. I just want this to be a solid system.

Want at least 8GB of ram, but wouldn't say no to 16 (For no other reason other than to say I've got it.)

Mouse and keyboard are not required.

If there are any other questions I can answer to help, let me know. I'd like to spend under $1,000.

Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

Budget Range: $1,000 give or take

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Development IDE, Photoshop, possibly virtual machines

Are you buying a monitor: Not necessarily; I can live with my current monitors; If I do get a new monitor, would like to get one that matches in dimensions to my HP 2509m so that when they are side by side, everything lines up right.

Parts to Upgrade: All new all around

Do you need to buy OS: No

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg or other online retailer

Location: Russellville, AR

Parts Preferences: No preferences; Just need a solid system

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: No

Your Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Would like a system good for several years and quick to load windows and my IDE

And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: Tired of waiting on photoshop and IDE to load resources
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  1. I should also note that if adding a 25" monitor to the mix ruins the rest of the build, then I'm not worried about it. I already have a secondary 23" that I am using and will continue to use if necessary. I can upgrade the monitor later if it gets me a drastically better system.

    Also, I don't need to max out my budget. I don't play games on this thing. I do light photoshop work and lots of scripting.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. this should do the task
  3. Thanks. I don't need Windows at all, but I do need dual video out (Dual monitors). Also don't need the 2TB hard drive as I have 6TB already. Only need the SSD for system and programs.

    technically i can go cheaper on the video card since a 6670 can run 3 monitors but its your choice
  5. I don't need that 2TB drive though. I've got plenty of storage right here. I just want that SSD to speed up loading times.

    Is that power supply good for running the everything you've listed plus 3 internal hard drives totalling 6TB?
  6. yes.

    if you dont need the hard drive, just take it out
  7. Sorry - What I'm trying to say is if the hard drive is gone, is there room to use better components? I've been using this same rig for about 8 years now and will want to use this new one for the same amount of time. So I'd rather have good parts than save money.

    Are these all high quality parts and manufacturers?
  8. um no. if you want to, i can get a better case. a better motherboard wont do too much in your rig given they all do the same job just as well
  9. it wont last 8 years. by 8 years it would be in the same shoes as the pentium 4s if not worse given how fast manufactuers put out stuff nowadays. back then it was a 1.5-2 year timeframe before the companies put out new stuff
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