1 GB Nvidia GT 650M ddr5 or 2 GB ddr3??

which one will be better,1 GB Nvidia GT 650M ddr5 or 2 GB ddr3 ??

I know that DDR5 is much faster than DDR3 but here in the case, ddr5 has core clock (735 MHz) less than ddr3 which has coreclock 850 MHz..Then again DDR5 has more memory clock (1000 MHz) than DDR3(900 MHz)..

So don't u think the performance of both the graphics will be same??If not then can we say that 100 MHz increase in the memory clock speed gives a better performance??So does that mean 165 MHz increase in the core clock is not at all increasing the performance of ddr3 version??
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  1. If you plan using more than 1920x1080 resolution go with 2 GB. IF not go with 1 GB.
  2. no..i dont plan to go over 1920x1080..i won't exceed 1600x900..
  3. GDDR5 is much Much better than '3'. The speed itself is enough to convince someone of how better it is. If the speed is slow, its no use having 2GB. And, if your resolution is not that high, then its out of the question.

    And since you said your resolution will not be above 1600x900.. You should go ahead with the 650M 1GB (GDDR5) Gfx card.
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