Please somebody help me :(
I've recently just set up my new build. I connected everything in the right place, and i plugged it into the wall and then the power cable into the back of the psu.
I turned on the pc , a light showed up for a split second then went. I tried again and then there is no longer a light.
Please somebody help, Has something happened and my components are destryoed now? Im so worried :(
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  1. Can you give some specs?

    Check all power cables. Ensure that you are in a working wall outlet.

    Also, make sure the switch on the back of your psu is on the "on" position and the little red switch is on 110 (if you are in the US)
  2. Without knowing your specs there is a quick PSU test that can be done to eliminate that as the cause - google "PSU paperclip test". You will find a lot of webpages and youtube references on how to do this.
  3. All the cables are in the psu
    I used an extension cable instead of a wall outlet, But i've plugged many things into the extension cable before and they all work fine (such as tv's, xbox, laptop) Has the extension cable fried my computer or something ? ahhh :(

    I5 2500K,
    Corsair 600w Builder series PSU,
    Coolermaster 430 Elite case
    Hyper 212 cpu cooler
    Corsair vengeance 8gb ram
    gigabyte z68 AP-D3 motherboard
  4. a quick update, just tested with my wall outlet, The light came on, but went off, tried again and didnt work. I know i probably shouldn't but im feeling a little better now, knowing that ithe same thing would have happened with the wall outlet,
  5. i recommend not proceeding any further until you pick up a surge protector - just in case you are having electrical issues with the internal wiring of your house...
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