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Hello, I need to know what type of USB 3.0 Card I need to put in my computer. ASUS mode; CG5270
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  1. open the computer and see what slot is available.
  2. We need more info. Are you trying to add a PCI card to enable to use USB 3.0 or are you trying to find which ports on your PC are USB 3.0?

    If you asking the latter, all USB 3.0 ports on your computer will have a blue plastic piece instead of a black plastic piece. Pretty easy to identify USB 3.0, makes it nice.
    If that's not is, please give us more info so we can answer your question better.

    After looking at your PC model and specs, it looks like you will need a PCI or PCI-e expansion card to enable your PC to use USB 3.0. Just about any card of reputable brand will work for you well. Newegg, tigerdirect or other online sites will carry plenty of brands and models for you to chose from.

    Hope that helps.
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