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Best wireless adapter for under $30. I dont care which kind PCI, USB, etc.. just as long as it works. I have been through 2 wireless adapters in the past 6 months both PCI and USB and they both seem to have their issues. The PCI version would always disconnect and the USB adapter would take forever to connect to the signal. So what wireless adapter do you use that just plain works. I dont need anything fancy, my max speed at home is 12Mbps down so I am pretty sure anything I get will be able to handle that.

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    I don't use one now, but when I did I found the Netgear "Rangemax" USB was the best for both range and reliability. Had a Belkin model before that - dreadful.

    Don't lose sight of the possibility that connection problems could be due to the router (eg not set to the optimal wireless channel or it just has a poor wireless range generally. Best channels are 1, 6 or 11).
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