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Hey , I looking to upgrade my 460 GTX pny OC edition , i dont know if I should get another one and SLI them , or get a new ASUS GeForce GTX 670-DC2Top (430 $), I mean I could get the 460 for 160$
is it worth it to get the 670 or just get another 460 ?
I got
Intel Core i7-2700K Quad-Core Processor 3.5 GHz
8 GB ram
asus p8p67 pro rev 3.1
700 watt power supply
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  1. Hm.. for me, neither of those choices are "worth it", a 460 GTX should be able to play any game at good settings. If you want to improve something, a second 460 will do well, although keep in mind not all games scale well in an SLI setup.

    If it was my money though, I'd wait at least for another generation of video card tech.
  2. you game at 1680x1050 or above.......... ? without a doubt I'd get the single better card. sli-ing will show good numbers but the actual performance won't be there.
  3. Many games don't scale well in SLI. I have always preferred to get the fastest single card that will run the games that I need. What games and resolutions are you trying to run?

    How is your case cooling situation?
  4. I recently got a GTX480 for $230 on Newegg. Excellent upgrade from my GTX460, about 30% faster in games that aren't limited by my Phenom II X4. Having the extra vram is helpful when trying to max games like GTA IV, 1GB of ram is just not enough to run that game on max settings.

    You could wait for the newer cards to drop in price, or sell your GTX460 and get something faster for a small difference in price.
  5. I use the GTX460 in SLI. You have to look at it from a price perspective. a new GTX460 is $170 or so. The only single card upgrade I would go with is the GTX670 which is around $400. The GTX460SLI is as fast as a GTX580 and the GTX670 definitely faster than the GTX580.

    3Dmark for GTX580 - 6645
    3Dmark for GTX670 - 8925

    So you will get 25% more performance with the single card setup, but the price over getting an additional GTX460 is around $230 for 25% performance.

    Do the math and make a decision. If you got the cash, the GTX670 is great and later on you can SLI it as well.

    Good luck. :sol:

    P.S. make sure your PSU can handle SLI. I had a 600watt and had to upgrade because the minimum PSU recommended for my rig was 800watt according to Asus.
  6. A single GTX560Ti or HD7850 would be decent choices, especially the latter. They start around $230.
    Make sure your "700W" PSU is a quality model. Thinking of commonly available 700W PSUs, the OCZ ModXtreme is ok, but the stock Xion or whatever it is that Cyberpower uses is not. A quality modern PSU has full range active PFC and some level of 80+ certification; not so much for the efficiency but that during testing it was run at its labeled wattage for at least half an hour. A cheap PSU would blow fiery chunks at that load.
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