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Okay, here goes. I'm fixing up a 200mhz computer for my son. It has an VXpro (unknown brand at this time) MB installed that will accept 72 pin SIMMs (2 banks of 2) or 168 pin DIMMS. Manual says it will accept up to 128 MB of ram. I get the following memory readings when installting the 168 Pin DIMMS: 128MB DIMM is recoginzed as 32 MB. 64 MB DIMM is rec. as 16 MB and 32MB DIMM is recognized as 8MB.(128 MB DIMM was PC 133, 64 and 32 DIMMS were PC100). I am a NOVICE. Am I overlooking something. I can't find any jumpers settings to change (other than voltage) and I can't find any BIOS settings to change. Any advice? Sorry for the long post or lack of pertinent info. Thanks.(right now I am using two 64 MB DIMMS and getting a 32 MB readout. Is it safe to use like this for now?)
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  1. I've seen the very same problem in my past experience. I can't quite remember what the problem was, but I think that it's your chipset that not allowing you to recognize those DIMMs properly.

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