This a gt520 good for this cpu

my cosun wants a gpu would the gt520 bee ok
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  1. with this cpu plz help
  2. The 6670 is the right gpu for the low-cost segment, providing better gaming performance than any price gpu until the gtx 460/radeon 7750 segment around $100-$110.
  3. he has a mico case no name case so he need a slim graphics card and i live in australia
  4. hey im just wondering can it play the new counter strike go
  5. It will handle the new counter strike like a dream.
  6. how much power does it need
  7. You'll need at least 350w but I'd be safe and make sure you have 430.
  8. what nvidia card has the same performce
  9. I thought you'd say that :)
    550 ti is a tad better I believe but is much more expensive.
  10. thts the same gpu i have i will tell to go for the hd6570 thanks
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