Strangle Situation many problems details inside!

I have a old Dell XPS 420 that needs a little help.

All the items are stock other than the PSU which is a OCZ 500 WATT and GF9800 GT Palit.

One day I turned on my pc and everything is fine, I noticed that the GFX card needs updating with latest drivers.
Install went great and I carried on untill I clicked AVG. Then all hell broke lose.
A white screen error or a freeze happened.
I restarted and cleaned off the new drivers thinking it was the case and replaced them with an older version. Reboot to find the same thing this time a green screen freeze.

Fast forward 8 hours later of either a green screen/blue but not BSOD and a gray screen once, I managed to get a BSOD just after POST.

The BSOD was saying about bad memory management with a AVG file been at the stop point.
So I deleted AVG and that file and ran a windows memory test. Everything came back fine and I restarted.
Boom same problem just a different BSOD IRQL_NOT_GREATER_OR_EQUAL.

These blue screens happened at random just after installing new video drivers & after countless hours of trying to fix the diver problems.

So in the end I replaced the GFX card all seemed well till I powered down the machine late at night.
I remember before sleeping I head some sort of crackling or something that I can only assume that sounded like a static discharge.

The next morning I tried to fire up my computer. No Post one long error beep and a code 3 which after checking on the dell website it appears the CPU has died.

What the hell has happened ? Can anyone tell me if it was the PSU or what that's caused a surge and killed off everything in there?

Help required !
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  1. Sorry for double post but:

    It gets better: The damn thing now works! I had to test the psu fan, which needs the pc to be rigged up to it. I wasn't sure if it was spinning.
    The only thing I did was connect the power to the MoBo and used a different CPU power wire.
    And now it works... Solved I guess till it dies again..

    EXTRA info the only thing I can't understand is why has this happened?
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