Tear apart my build!


Looking for any suggestions on cheaper/better value parts. Also, do you think the 850W is a bit excessive? I may add another 670 in the future when games get too demanding.

Also, I want a 1920x1080 monitor about 19-23", suggest your best ones.

Lastly, I also need advice on mechanical keyboards. I don't want to spend more than 100 bucks on it.
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  1. 850W is definitely overkill. I'd suggest 550 or 600W maximum.
    I would also get a MSI Twin Frozr 7950, a 5% performance decrease but you get around £80 to spend on other things.
    As for monitor, I would look at BenQ's 23" range. They're great.
  2. Thanks, bartsome, for not just telling me a specific monitor to look at! Although I thought I was firm on the 670's, you do make a convincing argument. I'll definitely consider!

    I thought 850 was high. I'll probably go 600W. pcpartpicker.com says the expected usage is around 370. I figure if I overclock and maybe add another card, it'll hold.
  3. For the same price (~$400) You could grab a Radeon 7970. I believe the 7970 is a few FPS above the 670 with the latest drivers. Also you could save ~$50 with something like the Antec Neo Eco for $75.

    Sapphire 7970 OC 3gb 384bit $408 shipped $388 after MIR

    Antec Neo Eco 620w $75 shipped
  4. Looks perfect to me. 850 isn't too bad. That power supply is one of the best in the business. Its also a good price.
  5. Or the OCZ ModXStream 700W Modular $80 shipped $60 after MIR. Much better deal than the Antec. Forget I even mentioned that one.
  6. Thanks everyone for your contributions.

    dscudella, on the OCZ PSU, it says compatible with sandy bridge, do you think it will work with my ivy bridge?
  7. Yes it's compatible. Don't know why they would even put that on the description. After reading the reviews it seems their we're a few "bad eggs" so to speak. Overall OCZ makes a very good PSU. Being modular is a plus for cable management, if you don't need it, take it off.

    Edit: The money you save by possibly going with that PSU you could pick up an i7 K model and OC that instead of the i5 K.
  8. Power supplies are universal.
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