P4 531 - 775 doing DDR3, Possible?

Masters, here is the deal:

I got an old P4 531 64bit HT socket 775 Intel processor. It has 800MHz frequency. the motherboard it is in now uses DDR400. What I need to know is if I put this 775 processor into a DDR3 motherboard(which supports pentium) will I get DDR3, or 2?

I also could get SATA2 from the MB.

Is it worth buying a Mobo? If so, do you have sugestions?

Thanks in advance.
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    If you can find a board that will support the processor and has support for DDR 3 on it you would be fine (the memory controller is located on the board so it is possible that someone put one on the board) but I dont know of a single board that supports both the Intel® Pentium™ 4 531 and DDR 3. There are some old 945 and 965 chipset based boards that support this processor and DDR 2 and also come with SATA2 on the board; the Intel® DP965LT does support these standards.
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