System randomly restarting without warning/error

System specs:

Intel 2600k
ASUS Sabertooth Z77
16GB Mushkin blackline 1333 DDR3
EVGA GTX260 core 216
Crucial M4
PSU: Corsair hx850

The problem happens at random times but seems to be more common when the system is under load, though it has even happened while in the UEFI BIOS screen. There are no error messages , just a click/restart. System is OC'ed to 4.5 GHZ with an H100 doing the cooling duties. I've monitored the thermals and voltages while running Prime 95 and nothing exceeds 45C, with the CPU maxing out around 35C. Voltages are all in the green as well with no spikes occurring before the crash, and the problem persists even when the OC is dialed back to default settings. I've also tried multiple BIOS versions with no luck.

Previous to this problem, the system would occasionally fail to wake up from sleep mode and upon reboot would display an "Overclock failed message in the system start up screen.

My suspicion is a faulty power supply, but I'd like to be sure before I go calling Corsair for a replacement. Anything I might have overlooked here?
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  1. hit the "Clear CMOS" button
    load up BIOS optimized Defaults
    use the XMP for your memory

    See if that cures the problem, if so try to overclock again and raise you cpu voltage, what is the vcore on your 4.5Ghz OC? Try 1.3v if its boots try lowering it to 1.26v!
  2. jumping the CMOS and dialing down the OC to 4.3 seems to have done the trick. The system blue screen at 4.5 with the vcore voltage at around 1.35V under load. I dropped the CPU voltage per your suggestion and the vcore is running around 1.3-1.31. I will update after I have determined if the system has stabilized over time. Thanks for your help. :D
  3. Damn, still seems to be happening. Opened up a game and the system cycled right when the application launched.
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