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hello frnds!
i have got dell vostro 1510 with intel T5870 processor @2ghz, 800 gsb with intel chipset GM965, is there any way possible that i can change my processor as it does not support virtualization, actually i was trying to run VM ware workstation on it, but processor doesn't support this, or any way to use X-code on window as mine one do not support this,,,,,,,,plz help
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  1. Many of these laptop processors are soldered on so they can't be replaced. The best solution for you is going to be to pick a new laptop that does have a processor that supports VT-x. You can check to make sure that the processor has support for VT-x from
  2. thanx a lot, gonna buy a new laptop, this time with a better processor. still is there's aany way that i can use Mac's x code on windows?
  3. Most laptop cpus are not soldered and the c2d t5000 series does not even have an embedded option. However I wouldn't say any c2d is going to work well running vmware and wouldn't suggest going with a higher tdp c2q.

    There is no way to run mac software on windows. Either virtualize, hackintosh, or buy a mac.
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