Phantom 410 or phantom 820??

which one should i get???
Is it worth it?? :pt1cable:

or any new suggestion ?
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  1. they are completely different you know. the 410 is mostly for atx boards while the 820 is for bigger boards like the sniper 3 and the MVE.

    and if i were to recommend a case, it would be the fractal define r4. for 70 bucks, it smacks the phantom 410 in the face
  2. Phantom 410 is probably the best mid-tower out there. I have one, and it's by far the best I've dealt with it its size category. I seriously can't say enough good things about it. The Phantom 820 is a jumbo-sized beast of a case. If you have multiple video cards, a huge CPU cooler (I mean HUGE) or a larger-than-ATX motherboard, It's an amazing case. Otherwise, you don't need all that extra room.
  3. I love my 410, the 820 is a monster of a case, keep that in mind, its seriously big. I think what you have there are all pretty similar in functionality, besides the obivous difference that comes with size, just ask yourself what you like the look of, your the one that has to see it everyday.
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