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Ok guys so i play newer games and was looking at some fx cpu's from amd like the 4170 and 6100. so i was looking around and people keep saying the phenoms are still better and now i dont know what to do.
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  1. 4300 > 4170/4100. 6300 > 6100. What people where saying was only true before Piledriver FX CPUs where released.
  2. oh i see so id bee good with a 6100 fx for gaming or a 4300 series
  3. The FX 4300 will be the better choice, but if you could spend 10 dolars more, just go for the FX 6300 instead.
  4. Yes the 6300 is the best choice as for price to performance wise, and its only $10 than a 4300.
  5. Both are good for just gaming. I agree with the others, just spend the extra pocket change and get the FX 6300. You won't be disappointed.
  6. cool beans thanks guys 6300 it is should i get a aftermarket cooler for it too?
  7. Are u overclocking? or prefer lower temps? then sure for the cost to cooling, recommended is a cooler master hyper 212 evo/+. If u want leds just replace the one fan or get two for push pull with 120mm led fans or something
  8. If this is a new build, it'd make most sense to go for an i3 3220. It still beats all AMD CPUs at per core performance.
  9. i3 is a dual core with HT which if not an i7 i dont like lol even tho for its single core performance, fx has multi thread performance, and has best performance for its cost, and is basically on par with an i3, just with 6 module cores instead of the faster i3 HT quad core
  10. 6300 for the win sir
  11. Multithreaded performance is only an issue for certain things, certainly not gaming and day to day performance. The i3 is also better at power efficiency, heat, ect. Motherboards are a little bit cheaper as well (B75).
  12. id say otherwise, as new games will use more than 4cores. already some games fail to work properly with just 2 cores.
  13. SOME games, not very many. The FX 6300 isn't a bad CPU, but the i3 3220 is still a better choice for gaming. If any AMD CPU is best optimized for gaming it'd have to be the Phenom II x4. Get a 965 BE and overclock it to 4.0GHz and it will be better than the FX 8350 at gaming and per core performance.
  14. no. 8350 dominates the phenom lol, thats really incorrect sir.

    id get a 6core anyday over a 2core for a few fps less.
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