Sapphire HD 6870 users help out please!

Hello i flashed wrong VBIOS version and now i get crash need to roll back driver and i need the original HD 6870 bios if you guys can upload it here are the version of my card :

P/N : 299-3E174-430SA SUK: 11179/09 Sapphire HD 6870 1gb DDR5
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  1. the second post on this thread has a link for the bios
  2. You can get a bios for the Sapphire 6870 from here Hope you can get it working again and in the future remember to ALWAYS backup your current bios before you flash. Are you able to boot up with your 6870? If so then you should be able to re-flash with one of those bios files. Good luck
  3. What program to use to flash it i found some1 with same PN.
  4. you would create a bootable usb drive and flash the card in would be with ati flash

    here is a tutorial
  5. I`ve did it few times still crashing now im getting 1 bios that seems 2 be like my model card lets see if it still crash!
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