My 6850 is very noisy

Ive bought a MSI R6850 8cm pwm fan < the one in the picture without heatsink
It gets very load and can barely cool itself and all reviews i see say it is a quite graphics card
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  1. so do you have a question or are you just pointing this out....if you want you can try to replace the thermal paste on the card should be easy to should also make sure you have plenty of airflow around the card...if you have a side window fan make sure its blowing in on it.
  2. Remove the fan sticker and any residue left behind with isopropyl alcohol or nail varnish remover, fan stickers are terrible sources of fan noise from unbalancing the fan.

    also check if you can improve airflow in your case.
  3. Thanks for your feedback every one it seems idont have a fan sticker and would taking of my heatsink void my warrenty?

    My case is extremely cheap and has one 92mm fan on it it has 2 80mm slots but im planning to upgrade to the in win griffin hopefully that massive 240mm fan will cool it down significantly

    My case seems like the problem to some of the noise(The case vibrates when the fan goes over >70%

    Finally when i under clock my gddr5 ram using afterburner my tempurature is much less is there some thing i can do with the ram too make it cooler ( ive got no heatsink only a fan as the cooler)
  4. its possible that taking the fan off will void your warranty but how would they know...unless there is a sticker covering the screws I would remove it and replace the thermal paste. also it seems like you dont really have good airflow in your case you should either get the new case or try and add some fans to this one...that might be your main issue.
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