PC for 6 screens and dead silent

this is my third buid....looking for an awesome looking case with high WAF factor and looking to be dead silent for this i am already ready to spend on liquid cooling and try to have minimum noise from the CPU as i listen lot of music from my PC on really high end DIY speaker i created...

the use of the PC is for multiple screen i think it can go upto 8 screens will start with 3 first

i already have 120GB SATA 3 SSD COrsair, 12GB DDr3 16000 RAM, OCZ 700W PSU

looking for CPU i7, MOBO with SATA 3 and USB 3.0 and graphics card supporting unto 8 monitors the resolution that can be 2560 X 1440

also looking for a great CASE please help me on this

My budget for above equipment is around 800$

thanks for all the help
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  1. Do you need professional graphics cards or will consumer grade cards work fine? also do you need any 3d power or just need the 8 screen estate? if you want it to be silent with water cooling you might need to spend more then $800 but you might be able to get by without the cooling.
  2. No 3d required,.....any graphics card work wont be playing any video games on it anyhow....just need to be silent.....

    i am open for suggestions how much more it will cost to bring in liquid cooling....

    thanks for the reply though.....
  3. bump ....
  4. Never seen an 8 monitor card.. the highest ive seen was an ATI 5870 with 6 mini displayports. It looks like its been discontinued. For 8 monitors youd probably want to get a crossfire/sli solution anyway, especially at that resolution.

    For watercooling the cpu, you could get a closed loop like the corsair h50 or whatever. For a cpu/gpu or cpu/gpu/gpu loop its going to cost you, and youll probably want a large case specially meant for watercooling.

    They also sell some PC sound insulation material thats worth a look into. its pretty cheap.
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