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Hi, I Have Just Bought An Asus 7950Asus 7950 and im trying to setup eyefinity, but like many others i have the problem of only 2 screens at a time.

My Setup is:

Dvi ------------------------------------------->Monitor 1
Mini DP------>Mini DP-DVI Adaptor------>Monitor 2
Mini DP------>Mini DP - HDMI Adaptor-->32" LCD TV
Hdmi-------- >Hdmi-DVI Adaptor--------->Monitor 3

The Catalyst Control Centre Recognises/See's The 3 Monitors and TV but i can only have 2 of the monitors in eyefinity at a time.
I am Lead To Believe That I Need An Active Mini DP - DVI adaptor.

My Problem Is I Can't Find Where To buy one in the UK.

I Allready Have 2 Passive One's (One I Bought and the one that comes with the card) So i dont want to waste anymore money on adaptors, However I Will Spend What I Need To So It Will Work.

I Have found this adaptor and need to know will it work?(If I Order By 11PM tonight i Can Get It Tommorow)

Thank You For Reading And i hope you can help!
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  1. The Adaptor Link Wont Work But this one should http://tinyurl.com/bqfmd8z
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