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Hey guys I need some help with choosing some parts for a PC build. I want to play BF3 and Civ 5 and I'm wondering if this build can handle either of those on Medium - High settings. My budget is about $650 give or take $10.

Here's the parts list:
i5 3350p ivy bridge
Evga Superclocked GTX 560
AS Rock Z77 Pro4 LGA
G Skill Ripjaws 2x2 (4gb)
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  1. In terms of a PC, for gaming, you may be better to use i3-3220, and a H77 motherboard, which should then allow you to use a GTX 660. That would give much better performance in games like BF3, at 1920x1080 resolution. Your choices would, however, give decent performance, in gaming (not as good), but perhaps better ability, for some other things, like photo/video editing, that benefit from four cores.
  2. How does a 560 ti compare to a 660 in performance? If I can go cheaper it will be better for me.
  3. In terms of frame rates, the 660 is between 15% to 25% better than 560Ti. There are a few odd settings where the difference is as high as 50%, but if you say average 20%, you won't be far out.
  4. Could you give me your ideal setup for $650 or less. It would be awesome if you could get me exact products as well, if you can't that's cool.
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