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I have a 22-in Gateway DCDi by Faroudia attatched to an AMD Radeon 6950. The monitor will turn itself off, then instantly turn itself back on, and when it does, the language preferance menu (for monitor) will pop up on the right and wont go away. When you choose a language, it will reset....but then a minute or so later, it will do it again. When it initially does this, and I just leave the monitor language menu up, it will be fine for the duration of whatever I'm doing. But sometimes, it will keep doing it over and over again every 3 or so minutes.....and it always happens anytime I'm playing WoW or streaming video, like Hulu or netflix. I've heard rumblings that it could be video card and I've had people tell me that its either the monitor or the dvi cable. Just want your imput before I go plunk down cash on a new monitor. Thanks!
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  1. Doubt it's the video card or cable. See if you can borrow a monitor to try for a bit before you buy a new one. Or buy a cheap used one you can test with.
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