Which GPU is best?

I want to upgrade a my brothers Dell computer, Im really willing to build a super- computer, but I just wanting to get a taste of preformance gaming.
So its not old, mabey 1 year since the release of it, but the computer itself is a few months old.

(integrated graphics, no gpu)
The power supply has alot of different numbers, but one text says the maximum continous combined output power is 90 watts.
Space wise, there is about 7in from the end of the case to the RAM which comes close to the line the GPU slot fits.
I mean the GPU slot, the amount of space across wise past the ends of the slot is 7in until it comes kinda close to where the RAM is, but the Ram is not blocking this imaginary extending line, its just mabey 1/2 inch from it.

Motherboard im not sure though it cant be good i guess, the comp costed 400$ on sale, pretty low end budget comp i know.
Right now I can play Payday Heist&Fallout NV on the med-lowest resolutions and med texturizes and they run very smoothly. Mabey I can do better, but I didn't bother. They cant run on Ultra or high settings much at all, mabey 10ish fps at that.

So what can I upgrade to last me a few months before I jump into a build. I would just want to put a GPU, as strong as I can without having to upgrade any other parts. Any tips or options? Thank you.
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  1. Take a picture of the power supply. They don't make 90 watt power supplies.

    Also, if I read you right, you've got a small case. I'd suggest getting GPU, Power supply and new case, ones that you will be able to carry to the new build. However, what's your budget?
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