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my pc is pretty old (Inspiron 620). so i decided to upgrade some parts. the ram, graphics card and power supply.
everything has arrived. gtx 650ti, and a corsair gs600 power supply.
This is my first attempt of installing a power supply. ive looked at numerous guides etc.

ive connected the atx 24pin connector. i had an 8 pin connector which i split into 2 4pin connectors for the other atx power connector which required a 4 pin connector. Graphics card is connected and so is my hard drive.

the problem i have is that when i try to boot my pc it keeps restarting on the boot menu. ive made sure everything is connected properly and have no clue what the issue is.

what i did was replaced an old connection with the new one each time. so i took out the 24pin atx from the old one and put in the new one. old4 pin atx power connector out. new 8pin eps connector in. taken off the old bluray, hard drive, cdrom connections and put on the new ones. then turned the new power supply on.

so in conclusion: taken out 4 leads from the old power supply and connected 4 of the new. i do have some extra leads such as the ide connectors. the sata connections have been fitted to my hard drive and bluray.

upon looking at the specifications of my motherboard, i found that the 4pin power connector is atx, whereas the 8pin that splits upto to 2x 4pins on my power supply is eps. is this the issue? or is it my drivers? my previous graphics card was an amd. havent removed the drivers before fitting the 650ti
ive resinstalled my old power supply and evrything works perfectly.
any help would be appreciated. further information spec wise can be found on dell support with the service tag: 7SD545J
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  1. EPS power cables can be slit to be backwards compatible with ATX (just like you did)

    does your mobo support the new RAM?
  2. yeah. the ram works fine. i installed the ram with my old power supply and it was registered. works perfectly.
  3. any chance you can test that PSU on another PC?

    DELLUser may be able to tell you if there are any proprietary issues with that specific line but I doubt it has any on the mobo besides the BIOS. you should be able to swap in a new PSU and most modern PSU come with 4+4 EPS power cables.

    you can also try the DELL forum and see if other people have a similar issue
  4. I have exactly the same PSU.
    You definitely have to remove old ATI video drivers, there is no question about this, I usually do this prior to removing old card.
    Just repeating your word, correct me if I am wrong.
    You connected 4 pin power connector, 20+4 pin power connector and 6 pin video card power connector, plus HDD power and DVD power, all correct?
    Also, are exhaust fan still connected to motherboard as well as CPU cooler fan still connected to motherboard?

    Please confirm my statements.
  5. 4 in power connector which was labelled as cpu connected.
    the atx 20+4 pin power connected
    6 pin pcie for the graphics card connected.
    theres 2 leads of sata connection, i used 1 for my hard drive and the other fo the cd drive.
    the ide connector leads are unused.
    i have tried to boot it with my old graphics card which is powered by the motherboard, same result.
  6. the fans are connected through the motherboard. i didnt disconnect the fans when putting in the new power supply. with the new power supply the fans start on boot up. just that i cant get past the boot up menu as the power cuts are after 5-10sec in to booting up my pc and restarts my pc. and continues like this on a cycle.
  7. Have you change memory? I hope you still have old power supply, install it back, place old video card, or no card at all and try to boot. Prior to doing this try to boot and listen for beep messages - any series of beeps, also take a look behind - on the panel, I think, there should be 4 lights, part of diagnostic as well, report all.
  8. come to the conclusion that its the psu. rang up overclockers (who i purchased it from) and getting a replacement. Thanks for all the help & suggestions.
  9. Have you placed old PSU back? And it is working?
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