How do I set up CrossFire correctly / get my graphics card to work?

Hey, guys! I built my computer a few months ago, and everything has been running smoothly. It's meant to be running both a 6550D (Integrated into my CPU) and a Radeon 6670, but I looked today at my AMD VCC setting to see that while Crossfire is enabled... I'm only using the 6550D

If I go to my Information Center, I can see stats about the 6670--I know it's plugged in and recognized by the computer. But if I go to anywhere else (Desktop Properties, Crossfire, Display Options, etc.) the dropdown bar only contains the 6550D

Halp! How can I successfully enable Crossfire between the two cards? Or, if that's not possible, how can I just use the 6670 instead 9the better card isn't even being used right now xD )?
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  1. What APU is it?
  2. sorry but i dont think you can crossfire two gpu's from different tiers. see chart
  3. I believe it's a 3850K, but I'm unsure.

    Also... At this point, I don't even need to set up CrossFire... I'd just like to be able to use the 6670 instead of the GC in my APU
  4. Well from what I gathered by looking around, is that apparently you have to set up in the bios for the APU to handle the display, then you go to desktop, open VCC and check to make sure it is running fine, then you turn off the computer, plug in the dscrete card, load it up, and THEN open up VCC again. From that point you should see the discrete card, and be able to enable the Crossfire on your discrete card, which then you would restart and be good.
  5. What do you mean by "load it up"? In the BIOS?

    It tells you what settings in the bios you have to set. The accent can make it hard to understand but I couldn't find the original video.
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