Computer restarts while playing

So Ive encountered a problem. My pc restarts randomly while playing game. Does not matter what game. And the restart is so random that it can be after 5min of playing or after few days.

CPU-Z (idle)

CPU ID (idle)

Speedfan (idle)

CPU ID (While running Prime 95)

Speedfan (while running Prime 95)

CPU temp - 39C
MB temp - 38C

CPU volt - 1,144V
3,3V - 3,296V
5V - 5,184V
12V 12,152V

I have:
Asus P5Q3 MB
Intel quad core Q9400
DDR3 6gb ram.
Power supply - Codegen power supply ATX PSU 500W V2.03 P4 CE PFC PSU (SILENT/ 12cm fan) (ATX-500W BLACK)
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  1. ur ps is a generic junk-yard piece. u need to get a new quality ps.
  2. iceclock said:
    ur ps is a generic junk-yard piece. u need to get a new quality ps.

    And I just bought this PS.. You really think this is the root of the problem?
  3. Yeah, I will agree with iceclock, you PS is probably not getting anywhere near the 500w advertised. It just exherts it self a little bit more than normal and shut's off.
  4. It's a possibility, and many would consider it a likelihood. Never a good idea to go with a generic PSU. Why did you switch to the new PSU? If you or a friend have a spare PSU you could swap them and see if the problem persists. If not then you know what to do, and if not you can continue on to the next step in diagnosing the problem
  5. most likely is ur problem.

    hope u can return it, thats of generic evil quality
  6. Also, have you done any OCing at all on your system? Instability could be causing the problem as well.
  7. meh he has a generic junker providing inadequate power to the system. bad man
  8. Agreed, but I figured I should offer a simple alternative just in case.
  9. meh still. bad power=bad mojo
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